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I’m Terri, I’ve been practicing and teaching a shamanic way of life for nearly 20 years.  I’ve assisted at major spiritual venues in the US and held circle for hundreds of people over the years.
My certifications range from clinical herbalism, women’s empowerment, yoga, shamanism, Akashic Records and Reiki, among others. Today I teach the Path of the Sacred Ordinary.
Before this, I was a financial analyst in NYC, working 60-hours a week. I understand that life.
I was also an overloaded mom juggling a hundred things while my partner traveled. I understand that life too.
I yearned for deep connection, personal growth and meaningful spiritual practices. I struggled to find the time.
I mistakenly thought sacredness belonged outside my ordinary activities, something special and separate.
I began searching for ways to integrate sacredness into my every day. I wanted it to work in my life, not on the edges and not separate.
I got creative. I opened my mind. I shifted my perspective.
I learned plant healing, Reiki, energy medicine and shamanism. I studied nature-based spirituality, metaphysics and quantum principles. I began to develop daily practices that worked in a contemporary life.
I brought sacredness into all areas of an abundant modern life.
Today I share these tools with others. I teach them to live the shamanic way every day.
The Sacred Circles Community brings together ordinary people with full lives. People looking for ways to integrate spirituality into their everyday.
Together we explore the essence of shamanic and other spiritual practices. We create authentic ways to embrace them in our daily lives. We connect more dynamically to life and meaningfully impact the world around us.
We walk the Path of the Sacred Ordinary, living the shamanic way every day.
This path provides support and tools to meet everyday challenges with ease and grace. Cultivating resources beyond what society, family, and higher education can provide. It allows us to live more authentically, truly aligned with our soul’s purpose.

Won’t you join us?

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