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How are you showing up in your life?

Is this you

Working hard taking care of everyone else?

Struggling to find time for spirituality or personal growth?

Wondering if there is more?

Missing a community to share your soul with?

It’s time to

Prioritize yourself

Organize life around a higher purpose

Create more with the time you have

Connect with kindred souls

Sacred Circles Community brings together

  • Ordinary people with full lives

  • People trying to integrate spirituality into their everyday

  • People eager to explore a spiritual path and seeking ways to make it possible

  • Spiritual people searching for connection and community

Together we explore the essence of shamanic and other spiritual practices. We create authentic ways to embrace them in our daily lives. We connect more dynamically to life and meaningfully impact the world around us.

This path provides support and tools to meet everyday challenges with ease and grace. Cultivating resources beyond what society, family, and higher education can provide. It allows us to live more authentically, truly aligned with our soul’s purpose.

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14-Day Trial

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We gather together in weekly online circles with interactive instruction.


There are member only webinars, monthly Q&A sessions and healing circles.


You’ll have community support and connection in the private common room.


Group and private mentoring as well as weekly office hours with Terri and more.

What's included...

    We meet via zoom video conference three times a week for about an hour each day. You can join any circle you like anytime you like.
    Every circle will be recorded, so you can watch the replay on your own time.
    There will be monthly question and answer sessions and webinars.
    We’ll have guest presenters share their expertise in master classes.
    You’ll have community support, connection and conversation in the online common room.
    The common room is a private space free from the clutter of social media platforms, advertisements, and data tracking.
    Weekly office hours by appointment if you want to discuss something or need clarification on something we covered that week.
    Member only in-person ceremonies, retreats and sacred travel experiences offered.
    At the VIP level there will be bi-weekly group mentoring calls and quarterly private mentoring sessions.
    Plus a whole lot more!

How does it work?

In addition to weekly zoom gatherings you can count on:
  • Webinars to broaden your understanding
  • Videos to encourage you on the path
  • Blogs and articles to share my personal journey and insider tips
  • Worksheets to explore new concepts
  • Tip sheets and cheat sheets to make it simpler
  • Journaling exercises to deepen your experiences

Additional support

Bonus offerings and intentions:
  • Optional read and watch together – our book and movie club
  • Member directory of services – share your skill and passion
  • More circles added based on your needs
  • Useful practices to support you in life
  • A safe, inclusive online learning environment
  • Meaningful connection and support from our tribe

Hover over or click the images below to read about each circle

Connections Circle

Explore the ways we connect with the world around us and the multiverse in which we live.

Shamanic Parenting Circle

Let’s explore ways to engage our children in child-friendly shamanic principles.

Divination Circle

If you are curious about divination, join us here as we explore a variety of different forms of divination and how to access them.

Journey Circle

Here we explore helpful tips and techniques for shamanic journeying and guided meditations.

Service Circle

When you are considering being of service to others as an energy healer or coach, this is the circle to join!

Sacred Tools Circle

Where we have some fun as we learn about, create, and collect the sacred tools that work best for each of us.

Healing Circle

From healing with crystals, herbs, and Reiki to sacred fire ceremonies, we explore a variety of healing modalities simple and complex.

Herbal Medicine Circle

Join me, a clinical herbalist, exploring the healing properties of plants and plant spirit medicine.

Hi, I'm Terri

I’ve been practicing and teaching a shamanic way of life for nearly 20 years.  I’ve assisted at major venues in the US and held circle for hundreds of people over the years.
Before this, I was a financial analyst in NYC, working 60-hours a week. I was also an overloaded mom juggling a hundred things while my husband traveled. I’m a professional, parent, and spiritual seeker.
I yearned for deep connection, personal growth and meaningful spiritual practices. I struggled to find the time. I mistakenly thought sacredness belonged outside my ordinary activities, something special and separate.

What changed?

I began searching for ways to integrate sacredness into my every day. I wanted it to work in my life, not on the edges and not separate. I got creative. I opened my mind. I shifted my perspective.
I learned plant medicine, Reiki, energy healing and shamanism. I studied nature-based spirituality, metaphysics and quantum principles. I developed daily practices that worked in a contemporary life.
I brought sacredness into all areas of an abundant modern life. Today I share these tools with others. I teach them to live the shamanic way every day.

Low-Risk Guarantee

What do you have to lose?

Sign up for the 14-day low-risk trial period and connect with people who “get it.” Learn some stuff…. change your life… evolve consciously… find the balance… empower yourself… explore mysteries… If you don’t get something out of your first two weeks with us, cancel your membership and continue searching for the tools that fit.

Act on whatever contains
your highest passion
your highest growth
and take it as far as you can!

Who belongs in the Sacred Circles Community?

Excited woman working at desk in office. Using antistress ball.

Professionals & Entrepreneurs

You have a strong desire to impact the world and leave a lasting legacy. You have skills, education, and a passion for what you do. It takes a lot of time and effort. I know how busy you are. There is a greater part of you seeking success on all levels – love, health, wealth, spiritually. Abundance is a way of being, not a far off dream you keep chasing.
Pregnant woman with mehendi henna tattoo on her belly and hands, cropped image, hands on pregnant tummy. Motherhood concept, happy maternity


You know the present moment holds the key to earth’s preservation for the next seven generations. You also know that the heart of our future is cradled in the hands of our children. You never take a day off and are on call 24/7. I’ve been there. There barely seems to be time to meditate. It’s on you to model for the little ones a sacred life filled with loving kindness, guiding them back to principles of connectedness and inclusion.
Yoga meditation in lotus pose in park.  Young woman in peace, soul and mind zen balance concept. Toned picture

Healers, Yogis and Spiritual Seekers

You are in search of a safe inclusive community to share and grow. You know the personal benefits of yoga, meditation, energy healing, even shadow work. You’ve seen the results in your own life and your clients’. Where do you turn for support? Where can you show up with beginner mind and do more of your own internal work? Contracts and karma are like an onion, there’s probably another layer.
Little girl and her grandmother taking care of plants indoors

Retirees and Lifelong Learners

You lived a full life and are now looking to fill your days with meaningful pursuits. You have a warehouse full of wisdom and personal stories to share. You also have a heart and mind filled with curiosity. You know there is never an end to living your purpose and sometimes we take longer to find our purpose. You are open and interested in making these your best days.

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14-Day Trial

Subscribe for automatic billing and receive a 14-day low-risk trial period for $0.99. You can cancel at any time.

You Got This!

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