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An intentional community for spiritual and personal growth.

We are busy people living modern lives seeking authentic and practical ways to connect to Spirit.

There are a variety of circles in which we connect to explore growth opportunities.

For a truly unique holistic experience, I strongly suggest taking any of Terri Lundquist's classes. She is naturally didactic, spiritual, articulate and professional. She has a calm and relaxed presence which makes her a wonderful guide for revealing new concepts and ideas. - Laura


From healing with crystals, herbs, and Reiki to sacred fire ceremonies, we explore a variety of healing modalities simple and complex. You’ll learn about shamanic earth painting and despachos as we explore different healing ways.


Explore the ways we connect with the world around us and the wider multiverse in which we live. Connect into the rhythms of nature, your intuition, your desires and the quantum field.


When you are considering being of service to others as an energy healer or coach, this is the circle to join! We will explore what it takes to become a healer in private practice.

You make opening up and expressing what I think and feel important. I’m excited to start practicing what I learned and applying it to my life. - Leslie


If you are juggling raising children and your own spiritual practice, join me here as we explore ways to engage your children in child-friendly shamanic principles. You CAN cultivate a meaningful practice and introduce spirituality to your children.


If you are curious about divination and working with tarot, oracle cards, runes or pendulums, join us here as we explore a variety of different forms of divination and how to access them. If you want answers to your questions, this is a good place to start.


Here we explore helpful tips and techniques for shamanic journeying and guided meditations. It’s a great place to be if you are new to meditating or journeying, need practice, want to improve your skills or if you just love the work.

Working with Terri is just natural. It's so easy to feel like you are right at home when you walk in. You feel supported and safe. - Skylar


Where we have some fun as we learn about, create, and collect the sacred tools that work best for each of us. You will walk away with real tools to help you live the shamanic way every day.


Join me, a clinical herbalist, in exploring the healing properties of plants and plant spirit medicine. Embrace traditional remedies with confidence as you develop skills in herbal healing and plant essential oils.

Sacred Circles Community – a safe, inclusive online learning environment

We gather together in weekly online circles with interactive instruction.

There are member only webinars, monthly Q&A sessions and healing circles.

You’ll have community support, connection and conversation in the online common room.

Plus group and private mentoring as well as regular weekly office hours with Terri and more.

We seek meaningful connection and welcome different views.

We accept all people where they are and listen and share with respect and tolerance.

We are curious and open to new ideas as we walk the path of the sacred ordinary.

I am still floating days out from the workshop with Terri. I now feel confident in my ability to connect with my spirit guides' wisdom whenever I choose to. Thank you Terri for the sacred and empowering container you create so naturally. You are a fun and profound teacher and I feel blessed to work with you. - Stephanie
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